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Quality is at the core of our practice. We pride ourselves on our commitment to clients, providing a relaxed, friendly environment and going the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

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    alexa cridge

    Principal Physiotherapist

    Alexa qualified as a Physiotherapist in the United Kingdom in 1996. After having spent many years working for the National Health Services in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, she decided to pursue her passion for community health with a particular emphasis on older people's health.

    Having completed a DMA Clinical Pilates course, Alexa works with the team of instructors in Waiheke Physiotherapy's Pilates Studio.

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    ingrid malifa

    Principal Pyshiotherapist

    Having graduated from Otago University, Ingrid has over 20 years experience in private practice and hospital settings, both throughout NZ and in the UK.


    Ingrid has a particular interest in sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation and has had the privilege of working with many national sporting codes including Canterbury Netball teams and the NZ Women's cricket team. One of her more memorable posts was as a physiotherapist at the Manchester Commonwealth Games.


    Now with a post-graduate diploma in Sports Medicine, Ingrid enjoys working with local sports people and the general public in the rehabilitation and treatment of their injuries and medical conditions. Ingrid also has a particular interest in Women's Health and continues with ongiong education in this specialised area.

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    david toomey


    David graduated from the University College Dublin with a first class honours degree in physiotherapy, went on to complete his Masters of Physiotherapy and is now undertaking a PhD in Physiotherapy.

    Having played, as well as worked, with professional rugby teams, David has found Pilates to be a fantastic tool in the prevention and treatment of injuries. David comes to Waiheke after managing clinics for Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy.

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    david lee

    Acupuncture Treatment Provider

    Hoonseok David Lee has been practicing acupuncture since 1999 and has gained further qualifications through his studies in America and Korea. David practices 8 Body Type Acupuncture, an Eastern Medicine practice based on each person having a specific constitution, similar to a body type, that is inherited from either both or one of his/her parents, which determines the body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses.

    Being ACC registered, David treats both private clients and those with active ACC claims. As part of treatment, techniques such as cupping, massage and dry needling are used alongside acupuncture.

    David has been working on Waiheke Island for over 5 years and enjoys working alongside other health professionals in our open minded community.

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    melisa whitford

    Office Manager

    At the front of house, Melisa is often your first point of contact with Waiheke Physiotherapy.


    Having had over 25 years of experience with multiple operating systems and customer service Melisa has been quick to understand how ACC operates. 

    Having been a patient under ACC you could not be in better hands when it comes to understanding your ACC claim and how to best communicate with ACC on your behalf.

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