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  • intro to pilates course

    We hold a rolling 4 week beginner course for those who are new to Pilates or have never used a reformer before.

    This course provides a positive environment for building a solid Pilates foundation, allowing you to become familiar with the reformer.


    This class is suitable for everyone, including clients returning from a break or an injury who need to reassess their fitness before progressing. 

    Please contact us for more information and for bookings.

  • Reformer/Mat Level 1

    Previous experience using the reformer is essential. This class is suitable for all levels of practice, but is especially targeted at the novice and those returning to practice after a break. 


    The foundation principles of Pilates and Reformer work are taught and practiced at a gentle pace. 


    If you have never practiced Pilates or used a Reformer, you must first attend a Beginner Course or 1:1 with our instructors. 


    If you are recovering from injury or have pain, you must first be cleared by a health professional for exercise prior to attending.

  • reformer level 2

    This class is designed for those who have previous experience using a Reformer, understand the fundamentals of Pilates and no longer need constant cueing or centering, breath, start position, and are now ready to follow more complex instructions for an ever changing variety of exercises.


    Though designed for the intermediate, our more experienced clients are guaranteed to still feel the benefits of this class!


    Please do not be offended, our instructors are trained to shoulder tap those who who might be better suited to a more or less advanced class.

  • reformer level 3

    Reformer 3 is an Advanced Pilates class for those who have developed good total body strength through long term Pilates practice. It is for those who are ready to be challenged with more complex and demanding exercises. To take part in this class, the basic principles of Pilates must be second nature to you and you must be pre approved by one of our instructors.


    Do feel free to ask, but instructors will let you know if they think you could attend and they will also let you know if they think an alternative class would suit you better for now.

  • mat pilates

    For the experienced Pilates client, this all over body workout focuses on core strength, muscle toning and flexibility. This class is designed to work clients at multiple levels, including those needing higher intensity, offering advanced techniques with increased repetitions and less rest.


    Free weights, circles, Swiss balls, rollers and other equipment are often incorporated into the workout to keep it varied and challenge your body.

  • keeping the balance

    A class led by one of our Physiotherapists, specifically for those with higher health needs, including those who need supervision while walking.


    While not specifically a Pilates class, the Reformers, Barre and small equipment are used to facilitate movement and improve overall strength and balance.


    Reservations for this class are not open to online bookings, but must be made via our reception.

  • private classes

    Pilates, fitness, Reformer, mat, strength, flexibility, weight loss - you choose.


    This session is for you to book for yourself or with friends, at a time suitable to you (further charges apply), to undertake the exercise of your choosing.


    We suggest use of this session with our experienced Personal trainers and Pilates Instructors, for assessment of your physical fitness and function and goal setting to help you create health goals and develop a plan to reach them.


    Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first session to complete a health questionnaire.

  • workshops/private groups

    We are continuously working on new and exciting Pilates workshops, classes and courses. Our team prides ourselves on always learning, sharing and developing our Pilates and movement knowledge in order to be able to provide current and relevant offers for our clients.


    Look out for these courses and workshops on Facebook, Instagram and our email updates.

  • remote physio & pilates 

    Waiheke Phyiso & Pilates are pleased to be able to offer Telehealth Physiotherapy consultations, as well as online Pilates sessions,- 1:1 and group classes.


    Online Pilates and Telehealth is a modern way of delivering Physio and Pilates services and is conducted via the internet through online telehealth platforms, or by phone.


    It is simple to use and our staff will easily help you get set up. Please call for more information.

Certified Instructor and Physio-led classes mean our classes are safe, effective and can be modified to your individual needs. Our classes are restricted in size to ensure maximum benefit under the expert guidance of our instructors.  

our classes



Casual Class: $25


5 Classes: $100

 10 Classes: $190

Pilates Instructor: $80

Physiotherapist: $100

1 Class: $15

6 Classes: $75

questions?  call us at 09 372 8281


know before you go

First visit to our studio? 

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow time to complete a registration form and discuss any health concerns or injuries ahead with your instructor. 

Booking and Cancellation Policy

As our class numbers are limited, we recommend booking in advance for classes. We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for all classes, including private sessions.

What should I wear/bring? 

We recommend wearing comfortable exercise appropriate clothing that fits close to the body. In the interest of hygiene, we encourage you to bring your own mat and small towel.


Still have a question?

Call us  at 09 372 8281 and we will be happy to help.


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