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20 weeks post - op athroscopic rotator cuff repair of right shoulder:

I thought you would like some feedback on Jeffrey. I am not sure if Jeffrey has told you but he is extremely happy with the treatment he has received from Waiheke Physiotherapy and is very complimentary of your skills. Thank you for looking after him, certainly his great result is in a large part due to your skills.

Mr Adam Durrant - Orthopaedic Surgeon - Hand, Elbow & Shoulder

We had a very enthusiastic 2nd year Physio student, Annie Gummer, with us on her first placement last week. Having just read her feedback, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to work with a such a skilled and personable team. Once again reinforcing that one person can not do it all, it takes a team to provide a full service to the island.

"Each staff member in the practice brought their own skill set, the combination of the similarities and differences of knowledge they shared worked together in a way that meant both staff members, patients and I learnt how physiotherapy principles can create change in many peoples lifestyles.

I had the absolute priviledge of been given this opportunity for this placement. My eyes have been opened to a very holistic approach to physiotherapy. I feel inspired to aim high, work hard towards a profession (physiotherapy) that won’t just be an occupation but an aspiring beam of light." 

Annie Gummer - 2nd year Physio Student

It’s true. All through the results of my stumbles, falls, skids, the pre and post ‘op care for my left knee replacement, the pre and then post 'op care for my right hip replacement,  the physiotherapists at Waiheke Physio and Pilates at Ostend have been experts in the special healing process that physiotherapy can provide. I have been given the professional care, advice and confidence that is an integral part of my health care. I have been attending Waiheke Physiotherapy Clinic for over 15 years and can honestly recommend that you take your aching limbs to this clinic where the reception is always cheerful and every accommodation possible is made for the course of your treatment. 

Patricia Morissette - Waiheke Physiotherapy Client

Alexa is a very knowledgeable, professional, helpful and friendly physio. She took the time to explain everything so I could understand my injury. She provided excellent on-site treatment, up to date advice and clear guidance on what I could do at home to help my recovery. I can't recommend her highly enough. Waiheke is lucky to have her and her awesome team.

Kelly Keiper Bickerton - Waiheke Physio Client